The Office Superintendent is in-charge of the overall supervision of office of the Wellington Cantonment Board. He/She coordinates between various branches / sections of the office. The duties of the OS involve conducting Board meeting, committee meetings, dealing with the Cantonments policy matters, organizing national functions like Republic day, Independence day and international Yoga day, etc.,


The store keeper plays a vital role in the functioning of the organization by providing supply of materials required for day-to-day functioning of all sections. All sections are in direct contact with the store keeper for procurement of items. The duties of the store keeper involve receiving of material and recording of receipts, issue of items to the departments, etc.,


1. Cantonment Act, 2006
2. Cantonment Board Accounts Rules 2020
3. Cantonment Land Administration Rules 1937
4. Cantonment Fund Servant Rules 1937.
5. The Cantonment Electoral Rules 2007.
6. Rules regarding election of Vice President of Cantonment Board
7. C.C.S. (Pension) Rules 1972.
8. The Cantonment Property Rules, 1925.