Water Supply

The Wellington Cantonment Board is supplying 105 litres per capita from all available sources. The Board has constructed check dams at Katchadapatty, near CGH and an additional check dam near Gymkhana to improve the water supply. In addition, the capacity of the existing water tanks at Anna Nagar, Katchadapatty and Chinna Vandisolai have been increased from 30,000 ltrs to 1,00,000 ltrs. Existing water sumps at Chinna Vandisolai, Malayappan cottage have been converted into wells and to increase the yield considerably. There are four filter houses through which water is ozonated/ treated and distributed to general public for drinking purpose which covers 90% of population and rest is supplied chlorinated water. Water connection are provided for domestic and commercial purposes. The applicant has to apply for obtaining any type of connection in the prescribed format which can be done through Mobile application. After inspecting the site the applicant will be intimated about the labour charges and security deposit which have to be remitted to this office by the applicant. The materials required for water connection have to be arranged by the applicant himself. On receipt of the payment connection will be given within 7 days.

Security deposit Domestic – Rs.2000/- Commercial – Rs. 5000/-

Labour charges As applicable

Water charges Rs.8.75/- per 1000 litres for domestic connection and Rs. 33.75/- per 1000 litres for commercial subject to minimum of Rs. 87.50/month for domestic purpose and Rs. 375/per month for commercial purpose.


Augmentation of Raw water supply including provision of check dam, overhead tank, etc., was executed the stream water is being supplied to the residents of 1st , part of 2nd ward, 7th ward through public stand posts for daily amenities. In addition individual raw water connection is also being provided on receipt of application from the owners and payment of applicable charges. The charges are fixed as shown below

Security deposit Rs.2000/-

Labour charges As applicable

Water charges Rs.5 for every 1000 litres subject to minimum of Rs. 50/- per month for 10000 litres .


Water ATM units were installed in different locations to provide purified water at lowest price to the general public. The Wellington Cantonment is located in a hilly terrain and the water ATM’s are designed to provide 24 x 7 purified hot water to the users. The public can avail water by inserting a coin in the machine. The Board also fixed Rs. 1 per/litre as charges. The water ATM’s are fixed at the following places:

1. Wellington Bus stand.
2. Cantonment High School.
3. Cantonment General Hospital.
4. Wellington Barracks
5. Boys company
6. Jayanthi nagar


Wellington Cantonment Board is supplying water through water tanker of having capacity of 8000 litres to the residents on request through mobile application for which a sum of Rs. 2500/- is being charged per tanker.